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Date: 27/05/16

Construction Theft

Power tools have topped the list of stolen items from construction sites, a study by Yorkshire based reveals.

A survey was carried out with various sized contractors to uncover what the 10 most stolen items were from construction sites during 2015, and power tools topped the list.

  1. Power tools

  2. Bags of cement

  3. Ladders

  4. Plant machinery

  5. Wheelbarrows

  6. Building materials and other supplies

  7. Cable

  8. Metals

  9. Personal items – radios, phones, cash

  10. Hand tools

We at Armorgard exist to help drive down these theft rates. Every item from the above list can be stored and protected by an Armorgard product. We design and engineer our products so that they work hard for you, making your life easier.

Construction site theft is rising

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